Website Survey Tools and Other Essentials You’ll Need to Improve Site Performance

Website Survey Tools and Other Essentials You’ll Need to Improve Site Performance

What are the best and essential website survey tools to improve site performance?

  1. Survey Monkey
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Google Forms
  4. Typeform
  5. Zoho Survey
  6. Qeryz


When it comes to running an online business, site performance is definitely one of the important things to consider for anyone. The more improved the site performance is, the more profit is earned, and eventually, more and more users are converted into leads for your site’s overall SEO ranking. Also, several tools at your disposal can also help with site performance, as tools such as a simple website survey tool that can help gather data from online queries and the sort, which in turn can contribute to your site’s overall ranking.

In any case, there are certain website survey tools and other essentials you’ll need to boost, or improve site performance. Here are some of the best examples for you to consider:


Survey Monkey

In the case of many sites in the online world, feedback is, and will always be, one of the most important factors to consider and analyze for the sake of your site’s overall and eventual increase in rank. With Survey Monkey, getting respondents for your survey has been made easier to manage. Though this particular website survey tool can’t export your data, at least you have the wonders of statistics to help you calibrate the data gathered by this tool!


Google Analytics

This is a web essential that’s more than beneficial in improving site performance. With all the important factors calibrated such as click rates and bounce rates, being able to determine your site’s performance will be much easier to handle.

When it comes to using this tool, the main thing that’s actually considered for the improvement of site performance is the number of google searches made. With that data, you’ll be able to determine what rank your site is at in terms of SEO. This is the tool to give your site the boost it deserves in ranking!


Google Forms

This particular website survey tool is definitely one of the best add-ons google has to offer. The best thing about this website survey tool is that not only is it free, it can also be used anytime and anywhere. Plus, an infinite number of respondents for your website survey can be gathered as long as promotion for the tool is consistent, which can actually be done through numerous social media sites, as well as numerous third-party sites with hyperlinks to this tool.



Another survey tool that can help improve site performance based on user feedback, Typeform is one of the best survey tools to use when it comes to this. Like the previous entry of this list, using this website survey tool can be done anytime and anywhere, as well as granting you a limitless number of questions and respondents, both factors being important to analyze when you wish to improve site performance based on user feedback.

Speaking of using this tool, this is actually one of the easiest ones to use as it’s presented in a simple 1-10 scale, as well as the question presented along with it. In any case, Typeform is definitely one of the most trusted website survey tools around.


Zoho Survey

Though coming with just 15 questions per 150 respondents, the reach this website survey tool can garner can be as massive as you want it to be. Zoho survey is also one of the most recognizable survey tools in the online world. Not only can you directly engage with your audience, you can also determine the feedback they give for your site’s overall performance, which in turn can lead to your site increasing in rank with SEO.

Should you want to get more out of this particular survey tool, certain payments are to be made, which will guarantee full and unlimited access to the tool. Either way, using Zoho survey can be one of the best options for you to consider for your website.



Of course, who could forget this handy survey tool for pretty much any website there is on the net? Qeryz, one of the biggest name in online website surveys, is definitely one of the best options to consider when it comes to boosting site performance. Able to gather, analyze, and convert user feedback, using Qeryz to boost your site’s performance can actually be beneficial in the name of online service!

Another thing that makes this particular website survey tool is that it comes equipped with certain features that are able to assist you in gathering, analyzing, and converting data. Either way. Qeryz is definitely one survey tool that should never be disregarded!


Key Takeaway

These 6 website survey tools for online query are some of the best tools and essentials to use for increase in site performance. If you know of any others, please feel free to let us know!

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