Getting Over Writer’s Block When Making Blog Content

How can you get over writer’s block when making blog content?

  1. Get Inspiration from Your Readers
  2. Consume Other Content
  3. Think About Your Blog’s Mission
  4. Look Through Your Old Content
  5. Brainstorm with Friends
  6. Take A Much Needed Break

Are you having a hard time thinking of new content for your blog?
Well, you may need a break in order to let your creativity naturally flow.
Or maybe you need inspiration from your readers through WordPress survey tools.

You never know when or how inspiration will hit, but you can help speed up the process by jumpstarting your imagination. Doing certain activities can help you gain back your motivation to make new and fresh content, whether it is through being inspired by other content or through your own self-realization.

Every writer has their own ritual that they go through when they feel that they have hit a dead end. To help you get started on crafting your own tradition, here is a list of activities that you can do to overcome writer’s block.

Get Inspiration from Your Readers

Get Inspiration from Your Readers

If you are feeling burned out or if ideas are just not coming to you as naturally as it used to, then it may be time to enlist the help of your readers. Besides you, your loyal audience understands the flow of content that you post on your blog. They become your loyal readers because they choose to constantly consume your content. Think of the best survey questions wherein you can gauge what kind of articles they enjoy reading, as well as what other kinds of content they would like to see from you.

Consuming content is one of the best ways to get a person’s creative juices flowing. Similar to what your content does for your readers, consider consuming the content of other creators.

Consume Other Content

There are a ton of content that you can consume online that could potentially inspire your next few works. You could start with looking through blogs similar to your genre, or you could even look through blogs that are completely different in order to have brand new ideas.

Another form of content you can consume are those that are from a completely different medium. Similar to how filmmakers take inspiration from written works, you could watch short films or YouTube videos to help you think of new topics to write. The theme of these videos could be related to what your blog aims to do in order for you to think back to the reason behind your blog in the first place.

Think About Your Blog’s Mission

Think About Your Blog’s Mission

Think about the start of your blog. What made you start it? What was your goal to begin with? How did you see your blog after a few years? These questions are important to help you go back to your roots. Try to write a few outlines or think of topics that would stay true to the values that you would like to instill in your own readers. Take a look at your old articles to see how far you have come.

Look Through Your Old Content

Your old content could be a gold mine of inspiration. For your next articles, you can go in depth about a topic that was mentioned briefly in previous work. Or you could observe a pattern in your writing and start to make content to help keep that pattern going.

Looking back could also be a way for you to see what kind of content your audience enjoys. You could look at the best survey questions that you asked your audiences to answer and observe how those preferences have changed over the years. Sometimes, other people can see what you cannot. Brainstorm with your audience and others in your life to gain some innovative ideas.

Brainstorm With Friends

Brainstorm With Friends

You do not have to get over a writer’s block on your own. At times, you could just need a fresh new perspective from a friend or a fellow content creator. Try to get together at a place where you can sit down and flesh out new ideas. They could suggest new topics that you never even thought of before. Or they could offer a fresh set of eyes regarding old topic ideas that you had forgotten about. Try to relax and let your brainstorming session go about naturally, a reason for your writer’s block could be due to too much stress.

Take A Much Needed Break

Your blog should be something that you take seriously, but it should mainly be something you enjoy doing. Putting too much pressure on yourself to create could lead to a burnout or difficulty writing in general. Take a break from writing to do things that can help you relax. Read a book, go for a walk, or cook a delicious meal. When you feel refreshed and energized, go back to your work station and try again. Try not to rush your creative process and just let it happen naturally.

Key Takeaway

There is not just one way to get over a writer’s block. Instead, it is subjective to each writer’s preferences. You can let the slump just naturally fade away by taking a break or by placing yourself in a new environment. Or, you could make use of the help of others by bouncing ideas around with your friends and other writers.

Whether you gain inspiration through consuming other content or by getting the help of your readers through WordPress survey tools, the traditions that you form will be up to you. Try out the different activities in this list to find the best ones fit for you.

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