Content Ideas You Can Use to Start a Blog

What different concepts can you use to start out your blog?

  1. How-to guides
  2. Personal blog
  3. Travel blog
  4. Review blog
  5. Giveaways and contests


Blogging is one of the best ways to express yourself in the digital age. Some people do it for themselves, while others do so for business. Whatever the case, there will come a time when people will visit and read your blogs. A lot of people and companies use survey tools for their websites just to see what their audience thinks of their work. In particular, survey tools for WordPress are fairly popular because it’s the primary Content Management System (CMS) used.

Nowadays, anyone can start their own blog. The only thing you have to particularly decide on is what your blog will be about. This article will help you get started by providing you with different kinds of ideas for your own blog.


How-To Guides

How-to Guides

These are some of the more common types of blog content out there. Often people would be searching about how to do things that they’re not familiar with. And when you have a knack for teaching people how to do different kinds of activities, tasks, and such, this is the perfect type of content for you.

Examples of how-to-guides are numerous. They can range from guides on fixing a car, doing the laundry to mixing chemicals, and creating paintings. It can even be as simple as study guides!

How-to guides are usually very simple. It aims to teach as quickly as possible, what your readers want to learn. These are mostly supplemented by images or videos to make it easier for your audience.


Personal Blog

This type of blog is filled with different types of content. But all of them have a common theme—it’s all part of your life. Personal blogs have the potential to be the most versatile among the different kinds of blogs. What you put in it is basically up to you.

There are many reasons for you to start your own personal blog. For example, you can use the blog as a sort of personal diary where you document everything considerable that’s happening to you.

Somehow, it can be likened to a mirror into your own private life. But of course, you have the choice to filter out some of the more private things you do. This type of blog brings you the freedom to put out whatever content you want.


Travel Blog

Travel Blog

Although it can be similar to personal blogs, travel blogs are a category of their own. These blogs focus on everything while traveling. The most common content of these blogs includes the bloggers own opinions about traveling, travel hacks, and even how-to-guides focused on traveling to specific places.

The great thing about most travel blogs is that although some of them focus on appreciating what it’s like to travel, they also lay out exactly how they were able to travel to that location. It’s not only entertaining, but also very informative as well.


Review Blog

Review Blog

There are some people that just simply enjoy sharing their opinions on certain subjects. They show off their inner critics, assess and inspect certain products or services; this is what review blogs do. It focuses mainly on simply reviewing products and services that they are familiar with. Often these review blogs would stick to one kind of product or service. For example. movie reviews, flight reviews, restaurant reviews, and even cellphone reviews, and so much more like them.

The great thing about creating reviews is that it often spawns discussions. There are a few review blogs that ensure that they have a survey tool for their website or at least a comments section where they can see the reactions of their readers and discuss with them accordingly! You might just learn something new from talking with your audience.


Giveaways and Contests

Known for being a recurring content idea instead of a full-blown foundation for blogs, contests, and giveaways are things that ensure audience participation. As a lone blog, this concept is best used by large, established companies—particularly those that enjoy hosting contests and giveaways to their valuable customers.

This can be used to create more specific audience-centric interactions such as charity giveaways, photography contests, or film festivals. There are many ways to make use of giveaways and contests in order to give your blog a sudden boom in audience and interactions.


Key Takeaway

The first step in creating your own blog is to decide on what you’re going to focus on. Keep in mind that in the vast Internet, there are millions of other blogs and some of them might just be identical to yours. The concepts mentioned above are just the starting point. You should add your own personal touch to your blog to make it stand out among the rest of the blogs on the Internet!

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