4 Advantages Of Real-Time Customer Feedback

4 Advantages Of Real-Time Customer Feedback

What are the advantages of real-time customer feedback?

  1. Builds customer trust and loyalty
  2. Increases the chances of recovering from negative feedback
  3. Boosts response rates
  4. Gathers more accurate responses

Everyone knows that customer feedback is a major driving factor for improving a businesses’ product or service. With it, you will gain actionable insights from clients — whether positive or negative. However, not many people truly understand the advantages of real-time customer feedback.

In a digital era characterized by fast connectivity, a single click can open up a world of choices for today’s customers. Customers have higher expectations and switching between different brands has never been easier.

If you want to get a distinct edge among your competitors, you need to offer excellent customer service. This is where the advantages of a real-time website feedback tool come into the picture. It’s all about timing. If you receive customer feedback in real-time, you would be able to resolve their problems faster. This is an indication of your commitment to providing great customer service. Read on to learn more.

Builds Customer Trust and Loyalty

Builds Customer Trust and Loyalty

While traditional customer feedback surveys have their benefits, they have distinct limitations as well. It can take a few days or weeks to collect feedback and compile all the needed data from survey participants. By the time your team receives all the data and tries to work on solutions for the customer’s problems, it is likely the customer has already moved to another brand for better products or services.

So why is real-time customer feedback advantageous for this? Real-time customer feedback refers to feedback that is collected immediately after your products or services interact with the customer. Once your customers start giving real-time feedback, all you need to do is immediately provide support for their issues.

To boost customer trust, you first need to provide solutions to the problems your customers are facing. This action makes customers perceive you value their insights and your company is doing what you can to satisfy them. With real-time customer feedback surveys, you will be able to provide better customer service and consequently, help in building customer trust and loyalty.

Increases The Chances Of Recovering From Negative Feedback

Let’s say that you shipped out the wrong product or your service was unsatisfactory for a customer. In an age where negative word-of-mouth can easily go viral due to social media, upholding the reputation of your company has never been more challenging. Keep in mind that statistics show 96% of unhappy customers will share their negative experiences with about 9 to 15 people, 88% of customers trust online reviews, and 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends. All these numbers prove that solving negative feedback immediately is crucial for protecting your company. Every second counts when it comes to stopping the spread of negative word-of-mouth.

Real-time customer feedback increases your chances of recovering from a negative product or service product. Customers will be more likely to forgive your brand. Statistics show that between 54% to 70% of customers who give complaint feedback are more likely to buy again if their problems are resolved. Unsurprisingly, this figure was amplified to a staggering 95% if the problem is resolved more quickly.

Boosts Response Rates

Boosts Response Rates

Many business owners refrain from rolling out customer feedback surveys because they fail to see a boost in customer responses. Fortunately, if you exert more effort to resolve customer issues faster, you can expect better response rates.

Real-time customer feedback makes them realize the company values their opinions. Once customers understand this form of communication is effective in solving their issues, they will not hesitate to voice out their opinions next time. Simply put, real-time customer feedback facilitates brand engagement better and yields a higher amount of response.

Gathers More Accurate Responses

Studies show that feedback collected at the point of experience is 40% more accurate compared to feedback collected as early as 24 hours after. Given that real-time feedback is immediately gathered after the customer interacts with the product or service, the responses are more “fresh”.

For example, you can ask a customer “Did you easily find the product you were looking for?”. The survey question is straightforward and the experience happened recently. The in-the-moment experience helps customers provide a more accurate assessment. You can also easily get more clarity from the feedback by providing a follow-up question. If you ask the same question in the next few weeks, the answers likely won’t be as accurate or as actionable.

Key Takeaway

As you’ve read, there are plenty of advantages to real-time customer feedback. Each one proves to be an excellent business growth tool as they improve products/services and help your company stay ahead of competitors.

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