How to Get Genuine Responses from Customer Service Surveys

What should you keep in mind to get more genuine responses from your customers?

  1. Keep your surveys short
  2. Get straight to the point
  3. Construct open-ended questions

You may come across a number of random online surveys or simple pop-ups by Qualaroo or other alternatives. The best of these online surveys are enticing and can lead you to answer them without having to leave the page. What’s more important about them is that consumers are more likely to give genuine answers to these types of surveys. How do they do it? Let’s find out.


Keep Your Surveys Short

Keep Your Survey Short

Keeping your survey’s short is essential for preparing one that will garner genuine customer responses. Finding the shortest way to ask a question is all about being clear and concise. This may pose a few challenges as shortening a supposedly long question may muddy its content or dilute its essence.

Never take any shortcuts when generating questions. One way to go about shortening questions for the best surveys is to avoid thinking about the character limits and preoccupying yourself with the overall word count. What you must focus on is to find the best ways to get rid of superfluous phrases and unnecessary statements from your questions.

The total length of your survey is one of the most important factors for increasing the time the user spends on the survey and greatly reduces abandon rates. Barely anyone these days wants to sit down and spend their time answering a 30-minute survey. People on the internet have a reason for surfing the web. And a long survey that gets in their way will most likely be ignored.

It’s worth taking note that many netizens and consumers of the internet have a fairly short attention span. They just want to go through what they intend to do online. The challenge, therefore, is asking them to take a few moments of their time to answer a survey. To get this right, the questions have to be short and straight to the point. The survey has to be visually appealing as well. Making a survey wherein the consumer can easily skim through every detail is key to gathering genuine responses. These can be seen from many of the best Qualaroo alternatives. The simpler it is for netizens and consumers to provide feedback, the better their response are likely to be.


Get Straight to the Point

Get Straight to the Point

Keeping things sweet and short is one thing, but it has to go hand in hand with getting straight to the point. Every question needs to be strategically mentioned to have a strong purpose and well-defined reason for being stated. The best survey questions are always known to get straight to the point, that’s what helps acquire genuine responses as well.

Never even think about adding unnecessary phrases which you think will garnish the questions. Eliminate questions that will simply add friction to your survey. If you don’t need to know the name of the customer, why add it? Just ask for what you need.

Every questions must serve a purpose, and adding extra questions will hurt the overall results of your survey. It’s key to never waste your customer’s time, because you’re simply wasting yours as well. Getting straight to the point means that you’ll be reviewing a whole batch of questions with better responses and saving time as well.


Construct Open-ended Questions

To gather genuine responses, you will want to construct a survey with open-ended questions. It may be easier to generate multiple choice questions but the answers they’ll make are not entirely from them, they are suggestions made by the creator of the survey.

Though creating a survey with open-ended questions may seem quite intimidating for consumers; especially if they see a large text box right after the questions. What you’ll want to do to ensure that they answer your questions is to start with brief questions, then gradually develop from there. This creates a sense of progression for the consumer. At the end, you could provide a summary portion to give them the chance to elaborate on their answers and thoughts.

But how do you hook people into answering these types of questions? One way to go about this is to start with a simple introduction. Then follow it up with an open-ended questions with no fluff, just get straight to the point, such as “why are you interested in this service?”


Key Takeaway

We always want our consumers to give genuine responses when answering our surveys and queries. This gives us truly valuable and accurate data. With genuine responses, we are able to create better solutions for our customers and ensure that our services will fit their wants and needs. Customers who are simply forced to answer a survey may mess up the accuracy of the data, which is what we would always want to avoid. If you’re planning to create a great survey, just follow these tips.


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