How To Use Surveys To Increase Online Store Sales

How to use surveys to increase online store sales?

  1. Create personalized surveys to help understand customer preferences
  2. Understand why customers left their cart
  3. Conduct a post-sales survey
  4. Use a survey for product launches

Customers have the option to purchase products from numerous brands. Now that e-commerce businesses have proliferated, they have even more choices. The pandemic has also skyrocketed e-commerce sales with cumulative data estimating a 27.6% growth rate and over $4 trillion sales for the year 2021 alone. Each store offers competitive prices and one of the top ways for businesses to increase sales is to understand their customer’s needs and digital behavior. In this guide, we round up four effective ways on how to use surveys to increase online store sales.

Every business owner wants to boost income rates, and using a WordPress survey tool has proven its worth in increasing its success rate. Here are some tips on how you can use surveys to increase your e-commerce sales.

Create Personalized Surveys To Help Understand Customer Preferences

Create Personalized Surveys To Help Understand Customer Preferences

Modern consumers want modern experiences. Personalization is the key to increasing business conversions and sales. Surveys serve as an amazing opportunity to understand your ideal customer’s preferences better. The more you use target surveys for customers, the more likely they are to interact or convert on it.

Research shows that 79% of consumers expect brands to get to know them on a personal level and provide tailored offers and experiences. This means you have to incorporate personalization into every aspect of your business, including your surveys. Personalized surveys help your online store collect better data and make smarter decisions using customer feedback.

Keep in mind that personalized surveys involve asking the right questions. Once you do this, you can increase survey participation, make customers feel special, and make analysis easier.

Understand Why Customers Left Their Cart

There are times when a customer will add products to their cart and leave after spending some time without pushing through with the purchase or making any kind of interaction. These are customers you should learn more about.

The average documented online cart abandonment rate is around 69.80%. Most customers abandon their shopping carts because they are not ready to buy. However, other significant reasons may include a too long/complicated checkout process, high shipping costs, finding lower prices from competitors, website crashes, limited payment methods, and many more. This is why you might want to use a smart survey to retarget your visitors and understand why they are leaving. You can ask questions such as the following:

  • Are you satisfied with our range of products?
  • Did you find exactly what you’re looking for?
  • Did you find alternatives for this product?

After understanding your customers through a survey, you can not only increase online store sales but also recover lucrative opportunities from lost orders. You may also utilize product-specific questions where customers are asked about whether the item in their cart is right for their needs. This will help you learn more about what customers are looking out for and steer the direction of your product line.

Conduct A Post-Sales Survey

Conduct A Post-Sales Survey

Retaining happy customers is the driving force for increasing online store sales. Undoubtedly, the only way for your business to satisfy customers is by understanding if your products/services have made them happy. A great way to do this is by sending out a survey as soon as a purchase is made.

E-commerce businesses should conduct post-purchase surveys to understand if they lacked in making the buying process smoother. Some of the post-sales questions you can ask in your survey include:

  • How was the checkout experience?
  • Was the experience convenient?
  • What is the likelihood of you buying from us again?
  • Did you like the site design?
  • How was the delivery experience?
  • Do you have other products they would like to see in your online shop?

You can also ask why customers stuck with your brand and not your competitors’. Doing this helps you gain a better understanding of the reasons behind your customers’ loyalty. Use the feedback to improve your operations and consequently, increase store sales.

Use A Survey For Product Launches

If you are planning to launch a new product line, it would be best to conduct a market validation before doing so. Conducting surveys is one of the best ways to gauge your market. You would want to know how your customers will interact with your new products. Surveys will help you understand exactly what customers are looking for and you can adjust your products accordingly.

Key Takeaway

We’re sure you want to know how to use surveys to increase online store sales. Let these four tips guide you in curating your survey and use the collected data to improve your products. Get started with a free WordPress survey tool from Qeryz today! Click here!

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