How To Improve Survey Email Response

How can you improve your survey email response?

  1. Be Mindful About Your Branding
  2. Personalize
  3. Avoid Long Blocks Of Text
  4. Subject Line
  5. Make It Mobile-Friendly

Email is still one of the most popular ways of sending out surveys. However, when it comes to email surveys, one of the biggest challenges of survey creators is how they can yield a great number of leads and effective results. Most of your potential answerers and email subscribers may look at your email as one of the many marketing messages they receive inside their busy inbox. How do you turn this around and get them to pay attention? In this article, we’ll be showing you how to improve survey email response. Let’s get started.

Be Mindful About Your Branding

Be Mindful About Your Branding

Your branding matters everywhere — even to your surveys. So, make sure that your surveys embody and represent your company’s brand image. It must look, sound, and feel like your company. This way, when they receive the notification, they know it came from you. It also adds consistency.

Great ways to incorporate your branding to your email surveys are adding your company logo, adjusting the color palette to match the style of your brand, and speak in your company voice.


Now that you’ve got your branding set, it’s time to personalize. If you want your respondents to complete your survey, make them feel special. Express your appreciation and need for their opinion.

In fact, according to research, 79% of customers expect brands to get to know them better and offer personalized, curated experiences.

In your email, make sure that you emphasize that you value their opinions by stating things like “we want to know what you think” or “your opinion matters to us”.

Furthermore, you should also be respectful of their time. After all, they are giving you minutes of their busy day to answer your survey. Give them an idea of the time it will take to complete your survey.

Lastly, make sure to appreciate them by adding in a quick message of appreciation at the end.

Avoid Long Blocks Of Text

Avoid Long Blocks Of Text

As stated above, you should respect the time of your respondents. Don’t take more of their time by making them read long blocks of texts. They may not even bother to go through with the survey either. Make your email straightforward, concise, and readable. Don’t overload your email with unnecessary words.

Subject Line

For your respondents to answer your survey, they must first open your email.

This is where subject lines come in. They are an important element in pulling in leads. If your subject lines are not engaging, chances are, your target audience will not bother opening them.

Think of unique subject lines that fit your branding. The goal here is to stand out from the rest of the emails and notifications that they receive.

Make It Mobile-Friendly

Make It Mobile-Friendly

Everyone is on their mobile phones these days. A huge number of your customers will surely be receiving your email and getting a notification on their phones. This is why it is paramount to make your email and survey templates optimized for mobile.

Sites that are not properly optimized for mobile take a while to load and are not user-friendly. Your potential respondents simply are not going to spend time trying to get your page to load. They will end up hitting the exit button and will not finish answering your survey.

Key Takeaway

Sending out surveys through email? We know how challenging it can be to grab the attention of your customers inside their inbox. If you want to gain more leads and effective data, then you have to know how to improve survey email response. By applying the things we mentioned in this article, you’ll see how it can significantly improve your survey email response rates.

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