Must-Have Tools for Online Entrepreneurs

What are the must-have tools for online entrepreneurs?

  1. SurveyMonkey
  2. Buffer
  3. Dashlane
  4. Slack



Today is the age of the digital entrepreneur since it is much easier to find out what customers want through survey tools for websites. Today, anyone with a great idea, a computer, an Internet connection, and a whole lot of drive can start their own business and become successful.

Many online entrepreneurs who themselves have started a few different successful companies of their own rely on a set of tools that help them satisfy the demand of the market. You don’t even have to worry about having to pay to use these tools for customer satisfaction surveys and other tasks because many of them have free options. These tools will also grow along with your company and you will probably even use most of them for a long time.

Whether you are trying to save money on your business or you already have a budget in mind, these must-have tools for online entrepreneurs will help you get started and prepare you for the challenges to come.


SurveyMonkey (Source: Delivera)

(Source: Delivra)


SurveyMonkey is a simple online questionnaire and survey tool for websites. It can be an effective way to keep your audiences engaged because it can be easily used to make customer satisfaction surveys. You can publish the surveys you make and you can analyze the results you collect on the back end.

This survey tool is easy to use which makes it great for budding entrepreneurs. You can effortlessly create online surveys with design elements that are simple and easy to understand. Through SurveyMonkey, you can gather the opinions of your customers and you can enjoy a quick turnaround on their feedback.

You can take charge of all your research and survey needs with SurveyMonkey without having to spend a fortune on a research specialist to do the job for you. It also has a helpful feature that guides you through verified and tested questions. It takes care of any wording mistakes and weaknesses in your writing style so you will have nothing to be afraid of.




Online entrepreneurs need to have a presence online, which means posting a lot of content on different social media platforms on a daily basis. While social media marketing is an excellent way to elevate your business by engaging your audiences, it is difficult to maintain a strong presence on different social media platform without investing a lot of time or resources.

Buffer allows you to manage different social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram. You can create campaigns, do an analysis of posts, and schedule when posts go up all in one dashboard.

You can attract more people to your business and increase your followers with the help of this online tool. It offers a free version with limited usability, but upgrading to a premium account allows you to enjoy the full benefits.



Dashlane (Source - Dashlane Blog)

(Source: Dashlane Blog)


If you keep forgetting your passwords for your different accounts, Dashlane can be really helpful for storing your valuable information. It is a password manager that allows you to save passwords, notes, official IDs, payment receipts, and credit cards. You can also add your addresses, phone numbers, and other personal information that you have to frequently type.

All the information you store with Dashlane is stored in the cloud and can be accessed easily. While there are other alternatives, Dashlane is exceptionally good for its features that can be friendly to new users.

You are only going to need one master password after installing the program which you need to remember carefully because it will be used to unlock all the content you save. It can also be integrated with your browser and allows you to log on easily as soon as the website is loaded.




Slack is one of the best file sharing, messaging, and communication apps for teams. It allows you to easily get your message across all of your team members and share media like images, files, and documents. You can create different channels for different topics which lets you organize various projects.

It has the ability to integrate with other popular web services like Dropbox, Help Scout, Google Drive, etc. Usually, in companies of more than two people, the number of messages exchanged between them can easily get out of hand. With Slack, you can find any specific piece of information that might have been lost in a heap of messages with its easy-to-use search option.

If you are in the process of building a website for your company, Slack also has a feature to share a code snippet with your team members which can be very useful when communicating with your web development team. These snippets of code can be tested within the program and all the information is stored in the portal which you can review later.



Key Takeaway

Starting your own business and being an entrepreneur is full of opportunities and challenges. Using these opportunities to deal with the challenges is an innovative and smart way to take action.

Make use of some of these free online tools and market your brand to your target audience. Turn your weaknesses into strengths and help your business succeed.

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