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4 Conversion Rate Optimization Hacks that Actually Work

You’re probably already familiar with the basic concepts and terms in conversion rate optimization, but have no idea yet about the tricks and techniques that can easily get the job done. Some CRO hacks may often be underrated or underestimated because they’re so simple that users are fearful they might not work. With this hesitation

Adapting a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy

Pretty sure you’ve heard of the traditional marketing strategies—the four P’s as they call it: promotion, product, price, and place. This can be applied to e-Commerce sites and blog sites, too. When we focus on the conversion, the times the cart was abandoned, and so on, these are essentially the four P’s at work online.

CRO for Dummies: 7 Resources for Conversion Rate Optimization

If you are someone who’s interested in Internet Marketing, you may have heard of Conversion Rate Optimization. So what exactly is it all about? In a nutshell, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) involves increasing the number of a website’s visitors with the intention of turning them into paying customers. CRO is a very powerful tool that

CUSTOMER SURVEY SCAMS: Something to Look Out For

Customer surveys are one of the most common means for companies to build a personal relationship with their customers while measuring their satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Unfortunately, there are those who use customer surveys to fool others. These scammers or identity thieves use the information they get from their victims to exploit their online accounts. If