How To Use Surveys For Contact Tracing

How can you use surveys for contact tracing?

  1. Incorporate Targeted Questions  
  2. Send it to Reach All Participants 
  3. Receive Real-Time Results
  4. Take Immediate and Direct Action

To say that the impact of COVID-19 was bad is an understatement. The pandemic has devastated industries and countries all over the world. Now more than ever is the time to do survey for contact tracing With the continuous rise of fresh cases, every effort counts in mitigating the effects of COVID-19. 

Contact-tracing surveys can aid in slowing the spread of COVID-19. Organizations can now identify people who may have infections inside their firms as well. Read on to learn more about how Qeryz can help you in using surveys for contact tracing.   

Incorporate Targeted Questions

Graphic of a targeted question mark

As we all know, the virus is highly transmittable. The chances of infections increase with people close in proximity. An individual can get infected by breathing in respiratory droplets from infected people who are coughing, sneezing, and even exhaling.

This is where the contract tracing survey comes in. When using a survey, incorporate targeted questions when asking participants. Aside from the general questions of age, name, location, and department, you can ask the key questions such as the following:

  • Have you traveled outside the country or traveled anywhere else outside your home?
  • Have you worked together or stayed in the same close environment of a confirmed COVID-19 case? 
  • Are you currently experiencing symptoms of fever, coughing, breathing difficulties, or sore throat?

When it comes to creating contact tracing surveys, you can pinpoint those individuals who may exhibit infections. With Qeryz, you can easily modify the survey questions to know exactly what to ask from your participants. Go ahead and incorporate short text surveys or questions with multiple choices. 

Send It To Reach All Participants 

An employee answering a contact tracing survey at home

Given the pandemic situation, numerous establishments have been forced to close down temporarily, including schools and offices. As we continue living in the “new normal”, e-learning and work-from-home setups are now being followed. 

With everyone staying at home, digital contract tracing surveys prove to be effective as these can be easily sent online.

You won’t have a problem with reaching all the participants. Simply use a survey link and share it online or embed the survey into your website.

It doesn’t matter what kind of device participants use either. Whether it’s a mobile phone or a personal computer, Qeryz assures you that the contact tracing survey will be optimized for answering anywhere. This is our guarantee of garnering the highest response rates possible.

Receive Real-Time Results

Real-time results from a contact tracing survey

The developments in modern technology are truly astounding. In one click of a button, everything from researching necessary information to banking transactions can be achieved. This very same notion applies to contact tracing surveys as well. 

Once the participants complete all the questions in the assessment, you will automatically receive a notification containing the responses straight to your inbox. 

Real-time results are highly effective in spotting the risk of infection as soon as the data comes in. Using the Qeryz Net Promoter Score, you can easily identify who answered the survey. 


Take Immediate and Direct Action

Implementing protocols in an establishment after a contact tracing survey

Once you receive the data, you can efficiently analyze it. At Qeryz, we have built-in tools to easily export your collected results by using organized data fields known as Comma-Separated Values (CSV). This database is where you can manage all the historical records of responses. 

Depending on what the data gathers, contact tracing surveys can offer vital knowledge on where the transmission is happening. This means you can instantly take action in isolating those who have been infected by COVID-19.

It will also help you alert healthcare authorities and seek their instructions in handling infected individuals. In order to stop the spread of the coronavirus, there are certain protocols that you will need to follow.

Key Takeaway

It is critical that firms identify methods of keeping employees safe. One way of doing this is through the use of a survey for contact tracing.  

In an attempt to identify how much the virus spreads, world governments are collaborating with public health officials and encouraging companies to roll out testing and tracing efforts. 

At Qeryz, we heed the call for combatting the virus. Our team offers an effective solution that laser-targets the participants of your choice. Gather at least 700% more responses and feedback with our optimized features.

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