Advantages of Using the Full Version of Survey Tools for Websites

What are the advantages of using the full version of survey tools for your websites?

  1. Complete features
  2. Better developer support
  3. Eligibility for promos
  4. You’ll be supporting the developers

Survey tools for websites have, without a doubt, done wonders for both digital marketers and casual bloggers alike. Customer satisfaction surveys have never been easier, more convenient, and more effective—and the best part about it is that they are continuously being developed further with each passing day.

If you have utilized any kind of software before, then there’s a 100% chance that you’re familiar with “trial” and “full” versions. They are commonly found in software that developers allow users to utilize free of charge for a limited amount of time to give them an idea of what their product is capable of, or for an indefinite time span but with fewer features as compared to the full version.

There are even some who opt to use the software without paying a cent via the illegal route—piracy, which is illegal, and something we won’t be talking about in this article.

Instead, we will be talking about the reasons why you should avail the full version of survey tools that you’re using for your websites. If you’re a digital marketer who can’t decide if you should fully purchase or upgrade your survey tools from a trial version, then this article is perfect for you—so keep on reading.


Complete Features

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The functionalities and features that trial versions of software are usually enough on their own with the most basic components, but there will be times when you will need to access other additional features that are only available in full versions. Why you should spend money for extra features is an easy question to answer: you’ll be able to make use of everything the survey tools have to offer, and that translates to a bigger help for your business.

And why wouldn’t you want that? Surely, you want everything on your website to be top-notch, and “everything” includes the survey tools that you’re using. The full features of the survey tools can only do good for your website, and contribute to its success.


Better Developer Support

If you have ever settled for a trial version of your website survey tool for way too long, encountered a bug and reported it, don’t expect the developers to prioritize you over the users that pay. This isn’t because they are greedy or selfish. You should be thankful that they’re letting you use the software that they worked hard for without having to pay anything at all in the first place.

This isn’t to say that developers ignore bug reports and concerns from trial version users—they attend to them too, but only after those from full version users are resolved. And we all know that no software is really perfect.


Eligibility for Promos

We’re sure that you have come across discounts and promos. Softwares have them, too, and in their case, they come at reasonable prices and developers are transparent with what they offer.

Users who bought the full version of their software are automatically eligible if they ever decide to offer promos, whether in the form of additional features, an expansion to the original software, or a discounted price for an entirely new piece of software. Sometimes, the price of all of these combined when upgrading from a full version amounts to less than what upgrading from a trial version would cost.


You’ll Be Supporting the Developers


Developing software that millions of users will be using is an extremely difficult task, not to mention very pressuring and time-consuming. Countless of hours are poured into just the planning stage, and even more during the development phase itself. Bug fixes and patches come afterward, so the job of a software developer never really stops—finally perfecting just one software can take years of constant work.

All of these hardships to produce a software usable to all users, and developers still let their products for free, making the possibility of gaining too little profits very real. If there is one absolute truth in the field of software development, it is the fact that the developers deserve to be supported—through honest feedback, comprehensive bug reports, and more importantly, money.

This is what they do for a living, and even if they did somehow manage to stay motivated despite compromising their income, their resources will eventually be depleted if they continue to gain no profits. Support from users mean a lot to them, and it will allow them to make better products.

Buy software and support the developers; you will make everyone (including you) happy.


Key Takeaway

If you want to make the best out of the website survey tools you are using for your website, then buying the full version of the software is the way to go. The full software comes with additional features that will undoubtedly be beneficial to your website and buying it will keep the developers motivated to continue making improvements to it.

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