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If you’re looking at your data at Google Analytics, you may have noticed that some people are leaving your website as indicated by the bounce rate. Ideally, you want your visitors to stay at your site and eventually become converted into customers. But if you had put your efforts into search engine optimization and paid for advertisements and guests still don’t stay and convert, there might be a problem that you’re not aware of. One of the ways you can find more information about this is by using the website exit survey tool. Keep on reading.

What Is A Website Exit-Intent Survey?

What Is A Website Exit-Intent Survey?

If you have encountered a survey exit popup before, then you probably already know about an exit-intent survey. This is the set of question/s that appears when a guest is about to leave the website.

Using a website exit survey tool, you can customize the triggers in a variety of ways to make the exit survey questions appear.

  • The visitor is about to click on the exit or ‘X’ button
  • The visitor is about to switch to a new tab
  • The visitor is about to switch to a new window

Reasons To Create An Exit Survey With Qeryz

Reasons To Create An Exit Survey With Qeryz


At Qeryz, making an account is totally free. But if you decide to subscribe to our monthly plans, you will get useful website exit survey tool features that can help you get meaningful responses from your audience!

Numerous Response Capacity

Here at Qeryz, we know that every organization has different needs. For small businesses that need to gather a thousand responses, we offer the Starter Plan at only $15 monthly. You get 10 surveys, Google Analytics integration, and it’s ads-free!

For businesses who need more, you can also avail of the Pro plan, which we offer for $30 monthly. You can receive more than 4,500 responses and additional features for only double the price.

But if 15,000 responses, unlimited surveys, and unlimited domains sound good to you, you will get the best value for your money with our Agency Plan for $79 monthly. Other than that, we also offer customized configurations here at Qeryz if you need more.

15-Day Free Trial

If you’re running a business, it is understandable if you’re mindful when it comes to your expenses. That’s why if you’re still wondering if a website exit survey tool is right for your organization, you can try our 15-day free trial today.

We also offer other services and features that can help you strategize in increasing your conversion rates, so the monthly subscription would be worth every penny.

Choose From Different Types Of Surveys

Other than our website exit survey tool, a monthly subscription also entitles you to other types of surveys that will be useful for your organization. Here are some of them:

  • Scheduled Survey
  • Timed Survey
  • Checkbox Survey
  • Short Text Survey
  • Qualitative Survey

We also offer features such as traffic targeting, device visibility, auto redirect to answer, call to action, Qeryz Identifier, and more!

Customize The Color, Positioning, and More

Here at Qeryz, you can take advantage of our website feedback tool so you can customize your questionnaires depending on your business strategy, branding, preference, and more!

We offer an infinite number of colors and positioning options to make your survey as unobtrusive as possible. This will help attract respondents and make their stay at your website as pleasant as possible.

Why Do You Need A Website Exit Survey?


The website exit survey questionnaire might seem simple, but it helps you know the ‘whys’ when a visitor exits your website with or without buying something. This information from your website exit survey tool will help you discover problems you might have no clue about—such as website usability, limited product range, and more.

Find Out Why Users Are Leaving A Page

If you check your Google Analytics page, you will have an idea about the bounce rate on your web pages. But it doesn’t give you information about the “why”. A website exit survey tool will help you find out more.

For instance, you might have noticed that visitors are adding products to the cart only to drop out of the check-out process before a purchase is made. In that case, you need to make a shopping cart abandonment survey. The right exit-intent survey question to ask is “Is the checkout process too long?” or “What was the reason you decided to quit shopping?” and provide a list of answers such as price, delivery, etc.

Look For Leads To Reduce The Bounce Rate

Most people might leave your website because you don’t have what they’re looking for. But by having the right website exit survey tool, you can ask them the reason why and show that you’re here to provide assistance through a free consultation. In exchange for an incentive, you can ask for their email, which is also useful for marketing your products and services.

Confirm If User’s Needs Are Met

Sometimes, a user exits a website not because they didn’t find your content interesting. Rather, their specific needs have already been met so they’re finished browsing. A website exit survey tool can also help you ask for feedback on whether your visitors have achieved their goal on your website or not.

For instance, some visitors take a long time to think about their purchases. Their goal might not be to buy your products or services yet but to learn more about them. A goal completion survey can help determine if a guest is satisfied with their visit.

Take Advantage Of The Website Exit Survey Tool From Qeryz!

If you want to know the reason behind a high bounce rate and seek to improve your conversion rates, the best option would be to use a website exit survey tool or WordPress survey plugin from Qeryz! We offer affordable rates and great results so you can make sense of the numbers from your Google Analytics page and use it in your online strategy. This way, you can increase your customer base and gain more profit!