How Website Survey Tools Help Digital Marketers

How do website survey tools help digital marketers?

• It saves your time and energy.
• It will make you say goodbye to guesswork.
• It’s flexible.
• It offers real-time results.
• It’s an advertisement in itself.
Some years ago, before the emergence of website survey tools, customer service surveys were performed by handing out a piece of paper and a pen to a customer while assuring him that it will take just a couple of minutes. If the survey conductor is lucky, the person will actually answer the survey. If not—and this happens more often—the person pretends to be unable to hear through his unplugged earphones, and walks on.

You might come across some people who actually answer your surveys properly, but most of the time, you’ll only come across people who answer like that, just so that they could leave without appearing completely rude as soon as possible.

Good news, it’s 2018—we are living in the smart device era, and smart devices plus the Internet make everyone’s lives a little bit easier.

Almost all processes are performed online nowadays. Whether it be shopping, paying bills, or advertising, the Internet is the new playing ground. For entrepreneurs, this is a great opportunity to let their business grow, and businesses grow better with accompanying surveys to its consumers.

And for that matter website survey tools—a must-have in every digital marketer’s toolbox—are here to save the day. Read on to find out how.


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It Saves Your Time and Energy

Before anything else, let’s take a moment to appreciate how website survey tools have made the process of conducting customer service surveys so much more convenient. You don’t have to spend printer and ink for a few hundred questionnaires—you don’t even have to send emails to each one of your customers for their feedback. All you have to do is focus on making your business better.

This method is much easier for both you and your customer. You will only have to wait, and they only have to click a few times and type a few sentences at most.


Say Goodbye to Guesswork

Guessing why the numbers are the way they are is one of the most difficult things for digital marketers. The traffic to the website could be too high or too low at one point, and the usual answer to this is, “Let’s observe it for a few days and see what happens.”

A lot of things can happen in a day, and that one day might have been the perfect opportunity to skyrocket your business. The few days you spent thinking about why fewer people visited your site might have been used to develop new features.

Website survey tools alleviate this problem. With them, you will be able to understand the customers’ concerns, both in general and in detail—and adapt as needed.




Before, questionnaires with the exact same questions in every page had to be handed out. The problem with this was that not every question was applicable to all the customers.

Website survey tools offer so much flexibility, some of which include:

● the appearance of the survey form,
● the questions, and the order in which they appear,
● alternate questions for different answers, and
● the type of survey to appear for visitors or users.

Being able to change how a survey form appears, for example, is an extremely neat feature, since people tend to ignore survey forms that look off in comparison to the website.


Real-time Results

Time is the one thing you can’t do anything about, and for a business in a fast-paced industry, access to the necessary data as soon as possible is vital.

Online surveys work 24/7. The instant they receive feedback, they input the information into a database and send you an email. Being able to get your hands on the right information in real-time will allow you to make quick yet accurate decisions, and hold your own against competitors in a dynamic industry.


It’s an Advertisement in Itself

It’s an Advertisement in Itself

A well-optimized website paired with a well-constructed survey means that the owner of the business takes the job very seriously, and is genuinely concerned with his customers’ satisfaction.

A customer is likely to answer a website survey if he had a good experience with the website. If the survey is every bit as good as the website, those are solid bonus points. The customer might tell his friends about your website—you never know.

Some website survey tools even allow you to place a link on the survey after they answer the questions. Where it links to is up to you, but that’s a chance for advertisement too, and digital marketers love that.


Key Takeaway

Customers have always been what keeps the market going, and there’s no difference even in today’s digital era. By utilizing website survey tools, there will no longer be a need to go through the tedious process of handing out questionnaires. In addition, online surveys can be configured to adapt to the client and return real-time data, hence decision-making is made easier.

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