7 Website Survey Tools to Use for Site Maintenance

What are the website survey tools to use for site maintenance?

  1. Survey Monkey
  2. Typeform
  3. SurveyLegend
  4. Google forms
  5. Google Analytics
  6. Google Webmaster Tools
  7. Qeryz


There is a myriad of things to keep in mind if you intend to run a website, especially if it’s for business purposes. Aside from the design and content, you also need to do a lot of website maintenance. There’s also the task of making sure that your website is constantly optimized for the search engine and for your audience in order to drive traffic to the website.

One way to do this efficiently is by using website survey tools. Listed below are some of the tools that you might want to check out.


Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is one of the most used website survey tools out there, primarily due to how user-friendly it is. That is, you can create a simple form in a matter of minutes, then quickly share and embed it on your site.

And as we all know, feedback is important. This is especially true in the cyber world, where you’ll constantly have to tweak your website to keep up with changing trends and to adapt to users’ needs. The proper feedback can improve your site and help your rankings go up.

With Survey Monkey, there’s an unlimited number of surveys that you can generate. The downside is that the free version has a restriction of 10 questions and 100 responses per survey. If you want to go beyond that, then you can opt for the pro version.



The best thing about Typeform is that it offers a vast array of survey types, such as short responses, long responses, drop-down lists, multiple choice, picture choice, dates, yes or no questions, ratings, number scales, and so on. You’re certain to find the exact survey form that suits your needs!

The standard survey formats can be tiresome at times. If you want new and innovative ways of gathering information from your respondents, then you might want to check Typeform out.

Other marvelous things about this website survey tool is that the there’s no limit to the surveys you can create, as well as the number of questions. The only downside is that you can only have 100 respondents per month.




SurveyLegend is a more advanced site that lets its users fashion easy-to-use and visually-appealing surveys. These surveys can also be tailored for tablets and other mobile devices.

Surveys produced from this platform have a more professional appearance than most surveys. A free account allows you to create only 3 surveys, with an unlimited number of questions and respondents.


Google Forms

If you want to collect online survey responses, then Google Forms can help you. It’s free, and unlike Survey Monkey, there’s no constraint on the number of surveys you can create, the number of questions you can include per survey, or the number of respondents you wish to include.

You can also automatically export the data and results to Google Sheets, let other collaborators have an access to the document, and embed the survey into emails. There’s a reason why it’s one of the most popular website survey tools!


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is yet another brilliant creation from Google that’s perfect for website maintenance. This little tool does a lot of wonders and is very important in enhancing site performance.

It has tons of features, including letting you know click rates and bounce rates—features that will let you deal with your site’s performance much more seamlessly. This data also allows you to gain additional insight that is geared towards the customer’s experience with your website.

Lastly, the number of searches made is a primary factor that determines the improvement of your site’s performance. That data will also allow you to know your site ranking in terms of SEO. Luckily, Google Analytics will give you exactly what you need! Make sure to integrate this tool into your website maintenance processes.


Google Webmaster Tools

Like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools will allow you to better see what’s going on your website. You will then be able to make smart decisions based on data, and decisions that can immensely enhance your website and eventually increase its traffic.



Finally, there’s Qeryz, a free website survey tool. It’s perfect for small- to medium-sized business and enterprises as it gives you the opportunity to improve your website based on the suggestions they got from the visitors themselves! Now that’s a stunning way of enhancing your website and constantly taking into consideration the needs of your audience.

Qeryz provides site owners with customer feedback that’s acquired through a swift and fuss-free process. This is a tool that several businesses turn to in order to improve their site and to utilize their time more wisely. After all, they won’t need to actively reach out to customers anymore! Qeryz does everything for them.


Key Takeaway

There are several things you need to consider to take care of your website. Aside from website maintenance, one way of improving your site is through the use of website survey tools.

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