What Is An Exit-Intent Survey Trigger?

What is an exit-intent survey trigger?

  1. Appears When Someone Is About to Leave a Site
  2. Helps Collect Feedback on User Experience
  3. Aids Site Optimization

Any business with a website has two main goals: to attract customers and to keep them there. The amount of time potential customers stay on your site can prove beneficial for both your sales and your search rankings. However, if you’ve been noticing that more and more people are quickly exiting out of it, then it would do you well to know what is an exit-intent survey trigger. Interested? Read on to learn more!

Appears When Someone Is About To Leave A Site

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An exit-intent survey trigger activates a pop-up survey when it looks as if someone is about to leave your site. How does it work? First, you have to set up a number of factors to help your website detect when it is about to happen. Here are some examples used by survey providers all over the world. 

Observing Mouse Movement

One way to detect if someone is about to leave your website is by observing their mouse movement. If someone’s mouse quickly moves up to the top of the page, it is a sign that they may be heading for the exit button. With a survey trigger, you can ensure that your survey pops up before they’re able to exit your page. 

If They Bring Down the Address Bar

For visitors using their mobile phones, an exit-intent survey trigger can be triggered if they start scrolling up a page. This may be a sign that they have lost their attention on the page’s content and are looking for somewhere else. You can arrange for an exit-intent survey to be triggered and shown when this happens.

If They Get Past A Certain Line

Let’s say that a customer looking for a solution to their problem clicks on to your site and reads the whole piece of content. Once they reach the end of the page and their question has been answered, they will probably click out of your website. Before they do so, an exit survey can pop up after it detects that they have crossed a certain line on the page. 

All of these factors can help you gain feedback on user experience and think of ways to better improve your website.

Helps Collect Feedback on User Experience

Now that you know how these types of surveys work, you may be wondering what they should contain? The answer to that depends on where you want to place your survey. Here are different types of surveys that you can take inspiration from.

Shopping Cart Abandonment 

Let’s say you have a customer shopping around for an item. They happen upon your site and start looking at your prices. After a while, they decide that it’s above their budget and they click out. Without an exit-intent survey trigger, that data would be lost forever. With one, you can ask questions such as “Didn’t find what you were looking for? Tell us why.” or “How can we improve our services?”.

Landing Page Bounce Rate

A Landing Page is an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy that can help your website rank on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and more. To better your chances of appearing on the first page, it’s important that your visitors spend some time on your LP. High bounce rates caused by people exiting your page a few seconds after they entered it can affect those rankings. To prevent this, install an exit-intent survey trigger to learn about exactly what is making people click out.

Goal Completion Rate

On another note, it would also do you well to learn about how your website has helped a visitor. Installing this type of survey can tell you how you accomplished a visitor’s goal and exactly how you did it. It might have answered an inquiry they had or even provided them with the product that they had been searching for. Whichever it is, take note of it to see how you can replicate it on other pages.

Aids Site Optimization

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After gathering the data received from the exit-intent survey trigger, review it, and look for points of improvement for your site. Is the interface not user-friendly? Meaning people are having a hard time navigating around your site? Then it may be time for a redesign. Are your prices too high for your target market? Then it may be time to review your market research. Use the data you receive to improve your website and reduce bounce time. 

Key Takeaway

At the start of this article if you were thinking, “What is an exit-intent survey trigger?”, hopefully, the content above has answered your question. An exit-intent survey trigger can be programmed to activate a pop-up survey before a visitor exits your website. There are a number of improvements that you can make with the data you receive. Aside from the survey types mentioned above, try putting surveys in other parts of your site to see how else you can optimize your content.

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