How Much Do WordPress Survey Plugins Add to Your Blog?

What do WordPress survey plugins bring to your blog?

  1. Cost-effective data collection
  2. Convenience for the surveyor and the participant
  3. The choice of anonymity
  4. Real-time information
  5. Increased area of reach



WordPress is said to run 32% of the Internet. It’s been considered the most popular content management system for 7 years in a row. The easy-to-use interface and quick-to-learn essentials are a big part of why it’s such a versatile and well-rounded CMS. Keep in mind the thousands of tools and plugins that can be integrated into it.

WordPress survey plugins are some of the most used tools in blogs that use the CMS. In almost every blog nowadays, you’ll be sure to find a survey regarding either the content, the blog, or the website itself. In e-commerce, it’s mostly used as customer satisfaction surveys, and in most other blogs, it’s used to get general feedback.

In hindsight, survey plugins offer so much to a blog. It’s primarily used in information gathering. In today’s society, information is everything. The more you know about your audience, the better you can satisfy their urge for content.

Incorporating a WordPress survey plugin will ultimately lead to a better blog—here are a few reasons why.



Cost-Effective Data Collection

Compared to the old ways of gathering information, survey tools make the process easier and cheaper. Even when you make use of paid survey plugins for your surveys, you’ll save more money than when you use the more traditional way of surveying people.

Conducting a survey outside of the internet will be costly. You have to consider printing the surveys, paying participants for their time, and many other factors. Overall online surveys are not only cheaper, but they’re also more convenient—which brings about the next point.



Convenience for the Surveyor and the Participant

Convenience for the Surveyor and the Participant

Almost everyone that has experienced the Internet will agree that it brings about a whole new level of convenience. Information is just a search query away. This is the same for online surveys. The person who is conducting the survey needs only to create it and publish it with the help of survey plugins. It will then appear in the screens of anyone who visits the webpage, or when someone passes the criteria or the trigger set for the survey to appear.

Some survey plugins have the capability to automatically store, compile and analyze the results of the survey, giving the company distributing the survey an easier time studying the results it gets!

For the person taking the survey, it’s something that is completely optional. It appears when you visit the webpage but won’t necessarily have a big effect on your browsing experience. WordPress surveys are also quite short in nature, so it would only take a minute or two for a respondent to answer! At the end of the day, these surveys in the blog are there to be answered during a person’s free time.



The Choice of Anonymity

As the person facilitating the survey, you have the choice to allow respondents to answer anonymously. Keep in mind that different surveys require different levels of identification, so it’s totally possible for you to make a survey that can be answered by literally anyone or by only those who are willing enough to record their name as well.

Keep in mind that sometimes, anonymity can provide you with a more honest and direct answer to sensitive and/or important question.



Real-Time Information

Real-Time Information

One of the most obvious and arguably best benefits of using WordPress surveys is that it provides you with up-to-date information from your designated target demographic. This makes the information almost instantly ready for use. Using this information, you can adjust your marketing plan and customer service procedures on the go. As long as this information is used as effectively as possible, you’ll get the chance to positively affect your business.

The presence of real-time information makes it so that you and your team can analyze the feedback you collect as soon as it becomes available. This will help greatly in tracking the changes in the responses while you adjust the things that the feedback is about. You’ll almost never run out of responses to consider because the online surveys are always available and have almost limitless reach.



Increased Area of Reach

The Internet is universal. You can access it in almost every point of the world. Every country has the capability to go online and access the internet. That being said, your surveys, once ready, will be available to thousands of people. As long as they visit your blog, they’ll be able to access your survey as well!



Key Takeaway

Different WordPress plugins have their specific uses. WordPress survey plugins are primarily used to gather information. Because of its main function, it is widely used among companies as a way to connect with their audience conveniently and cost-effectively. Survey plugins are not limited to customer satisfaction surveys, it has more potential, particularly in improving the blog and the website!

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