The Best Themes of 2017 for WordPress, its Survey Plugins, and More

What are the best themes for WordPress this 2017?

  • Monstroid 2 – a versatile theme that offers diverse selection of visuals.
  • JoshnnyGo – an all-in-one theme for all kinds of home service businesses.
  • Zeko – the best theme for charities.
  • Apoa – gives your business your desired identity and branding.
  • Perfect – the best theme to use for your business, portfolio, personal use, and agency.


This past 2017, WordPress has continued to be one of the most widely used Content Management Systems all across the world. With thousands of websites using WordPress, it comes as no surprise. WordPress is well known for its versatility and ease of use, as people can apply different kinds of tools and applications within their websites, which helps it perform certain functions, these include WordPress survey plugin, and the regular WordPress tools.

With WordPress being versatile and highly customizable, there are many themes that users would be able to apply in their site. These themes give your website its overall look, identity, and purpose. The past few years had some popular themes, which web designers have utilized to the fullest. To take things into perspective, here are some of the best WordPress themes of 2017:


Monstroid 2

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Monstroid 2

An improvement over the previous Monstroid theme, which was a popular theme in its own right, the second edition aimed to get past that mark. Monstroid 2 is a versatile theme that provides you a diverse selection of visuals that you can use for your website. The color range is wide, with both bright and neutral shades being available. This allows you to give your website the look that you are looking for.

You can also choose a number of blog layouts, and see how you want your items and sections organized. Another notable feature is that the theme will be able to adjust itself when accessed in different screen sizes, which means that accessing it on desktop and mobile would be no different. The theme also supports plugins such as bbPres, Cherry Timeline, WooCommerce, Powerbuilder, WordPress survey tools, and many more.

Overall, this is one of the best themes that you can use if you want to create an e-store, as it would be able to support various commerce and listing plugins, and has layouts that users would be able to access with no problem.



Billed as the All-in-one theme for all kinds of home service businesses, JohnnyGo provides you with a bevy of skins and color options, along with a user-friendly interface. This theme is perfect for home service businesses like pest control, home repair, moving, furniture delivery, and more. It also has all the features that you need for your business, like showcasing your services, the option to create blog posts, email inquiry, and scheduling and reservation. This can also support WordPress survey tools, which can help give you some helpful customer feedback.

JohnnyGo is also easy to customize, as you would only need to drag and drop different sections to be able to create your own desired layout. This theme is also SEO friendly, and allows the use of business and commerce plugins.


Source: Template Monster


Perhaps the best theme for charities and non-profit organizations, Zeko is a flexible theme that has a simple and efficient design. From the get-go, one of the advertised features of Zeko is that it is mobile-friendly, which means that it would be able to adjust when viewed across different devices. You can also use different WordPress tools to help you monitor donations and other inquiries.

The Customizer allows you to choose 5 page templates, and a variety of color options to get the desired look that you want. You also have the option to post blogs so that you can bring out some creative and compelling content. This may be a simple theme that is not as diverse as the other business themes available, but it is a theme that is very effective in being able to convey its message to the users.



A fully responsive WordPress theme, Apoa allows you to give your business your desired identity and branding. Customization is simple, thanks to the Visual Composer, which allows you to drag and drop different sections which allows for easy organization. Upon purchasing the theme, you also have free access to the Slider Revolution plugin, which is one of the best slider plugins available. You can also use WordPress survey tools as well.

The theme also comes with other plugins like Bootstrap and Contact Form 7, which helps optimize it for mobile, and make it easier to contact your customers. There’s also a child-friendly theme, which makes it safe for children, and custom CSS, which allows more coding flexibility. When it comes to business themes, Apoa is a versatile theme that is clean and effective.


Source: ThemeGrill


A corporate WordPress theme, Perfect is the best theme to use for your business, portfolio, personal use, and agency. The theme allows for simple yet versatile layout options, with different ways to organize and present your content in each page section. You can also use plugins like WordPress survey tools, business tools, and even social media plugins to allow for more customer access and interaction. While it may not have as many features compared to other themes, Perfect makes it up for being reliable and high quality.


Key Takeaway

2017 is another big year for WordPress, with so many themes and WordPress Tools available, you are bound to be able to design the website that you have been wanting to create. With 2018 about to arrive, we can expect more versatile themes in the near future.

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