Hottest WordPress Plugins for Surveys and Other Purposes for Q4 2017

What are the best WordPress plugins for Q4 2017?

  • Social Polls by  allows you to add surveys and polls to your website easily.
  • Jetpack  an effective plugin tool that features website optimization, security, and site mapping.
  • Yoast SEO – a plugin that enables you to optimize your content.
  • W3 Cache – a plugin that allows you to cache your web pages.
  • BJ Lazy Load – affects a website’s loading speed.
  • Wordfence Security – enables you to install the best preventive measure against hackers.


With WordPress becoming the top content management software available in the market, many software companies and programmers have been able to create various applications, tools, and plugins, like WordPress survey plugins, that allow them to expand the functionality of different kinds of websites.

These plugins are able to integrate into your websites and themes with little hassle, and can make functions much simpler.  This 2017, there have been a good number of plugins that have received rave reviews and are some of the most widely used plugins as well. To give you more information about this, here are some of the hottest and best WordPress plugins that were introduced this past year.


Social Polls by

Wedgies is a website known for creating survey plugins that can be embedded into your website. These polls and surveys are very responsive, well-designed, and user-friendly, which makes gathering information very smooth and seamless. This plugin allows you to easily add surveys and polls into your website by simply adding a URL. While this may be a simple plugin, looking for quality WordPress survey plugins are a challenge, and this is one of the best in the market.



Created by the WordPress staff themselves, Jetpack is an effective plugin tool that is a must-have for everyone with a website. Jetpack has all of the tools and features that you need to help your website get that much needed boost.

Some of the main features of Jetpack include website optimization, security, increasing web traffic, and even site mapping. This is one of the best WordPress plugins, and it comes as to no surprise, due to the fact that it came from their staff as well. If you are looking for one essential plugin that you must have in your website, Jetpack should be top of your list.

Yoast SEO


Yoast SEO

With search engine optimization becoming a rapidly rising industry, it is best to get your website optimized for search engines, as this increases web traffic and improves your visibility. One plugin that you must have to have your site set up is Yoast SEO.

Yoast SEO is a plugin that allows you to optimize your content, which would help improve your search rankings. You can also establish your keywords, use page analysis, and make your posts and pages easier to read. This can also help your WordPress survey plugins as well, which are becoming more common recently. While there are other plugins that can do SEO, Yoast is a plugin that has been proven to be one of the best at what it can do.


W3 Cache

When it comes to loading speed, one of the best ways to make your website load faster is by caching your data. A website that caches their data allows users to access the page much faster, as much of the data contained has already been loaded and stored.

W3 Cache is a plugin tool that allows you to cache your web pages; this improves loading times drastically, which is good for your SEO and your WordPress survey tools. This can help save bandwidth and help your website become more user-friendly than before.

BJ Lazy Load

Source: WPChandra

BJ Lazy Load

One of the factors that affect a website’s loading speed is the amount of images present. There are times that having a high number of images would mean that your website loads slower, and this affects the user experience.

The best way to solve this issue is by using lazy loading, which can be done using the BJ Lazy Load plugin. This plugin does lazy loading by replacing the images in your website with a placeholder image, which would then load as soon as the web page fully loads. This helps speed up the loading process, and saves a lot of bandwidth. This works with a lot of WordPress sites, and is another great SEO tool.

Wordfence Security

One of the main concerns when running a website is security, as your website can be attacked and tampered with by hackers, who might even put malicious and dangerous software and content that can damage the quality and reputation of your website. To prevent this from happening, it is best to use Wordfence Security.

This plugin allows you to install the best preventive measure for your website. These measures include firewall protection, login security, traffic monitoring, and malware scanning. With web security being one of the top priorities in today’s internet, having plugins like Wordfence Security would ensure that your website remains safe.


Key Takeaway

Looking for the best WordPress plugins is may come as a challenge, as there are so many available in the market. Luckily, with these tools, you are guaranteed that you will be able to provide the best for your website, and ensure that it is optimized, safe, and user-friendly. As 2018 arrives, expect more plugins that would help maintain the status of WordPress as the most widely used content management software.

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