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How to Boost Online Sales with Web Analytics

We only want what’s best for our business, and website analytics have proven their worth in increasing our success rate. Unfortunately, only a few can take full advantage from the information contained in analytics reports. But for some who do not know how to benefit from web analytics, they’re missing out on something vital for

Myth vs. Fact: Common Misconceptions about CRO

One of the best ways to better optimize your business is to make use of analytics and user feedback—or more commonly known as conversion rate optimization. With the use of this method, your conversion rate is highly blowing off the roofs and that means better return on investment. First off, you have to remember that

5 Tips in Planning Out for an Effective Customer Survey

Recent studies have proven that satisfied clients tend to buy products more often and develop loyalty to a particular product, so in order for you to find out if they’re satisfied, you ask them. This is where the need for well-structured customer surveys comes in. Survey results could lead to a plan that can improve