When To Use Scheduled and Timed Surveys

When are scheduled and timed surveys used?

  1. Timed surveys are for quicker responses
  2. Timed surveys can generate more authentic results
  3. Scheduled surveys can track respondents better
  4. Scheduled surveys can be used to understand preferences


The use of online scheduled surveys for websites and blogs has become a more common practice nowadays. With more people having access to digital platforms, surveys have become an important information-gathering tool that has great functionality. There are many ways that you can customize your survey and create your own set of configurations. This includes formulating your own questions and responses as well as adding a timer or schedule.

For the latter, timed and scheduled surveys are two types of surveys that have now become more commonly used in different websites. Both types of surveys offer their own set of advantages and are used to interact with a specific set of respondents.


When do you use scheduled and timed surveys?

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Scheduled and timed surveys are two formats that offer you with different time-based functionality. Scheduled surveys are designed to reappear on a website after a certain period of time. This means that you can configure it to show up every week or every month if needed. For the latter, timed surveys allow you to set a specific time limit for sections of your survey or even for the whole survey itself.

If used properly, scheduled and timed surveys will provide you with great response rates and useful data. This is why it is important to know when to use them. Here are some effective tips that will help you identify which type of survey your website will need.


Use Timed Surveys For Quicker Responses

Timed surveys allow you to put a time limit on each section of your survey. This means that respondents have a small time window to work with. This is an effective survey format if you are looking to generate quick responses from your audience. Some online surveys work best when they are short but informative. Giving a time limit can help reduce the need for respondents to backtrack on their answers.


Timed Surveys Can Generate More Authentic Results

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Along with generating quicker response times for your online survey, timed surveys can also generate higher-quality results and authentic responses. As stated earlier, timed surveys prevent backtracking, which can help prompt the respondent to choose more authentic answers. Authentic results provide much better data on your end, allowing you to understand your audience much better and allowing you to optimize based on their answers.


Use Scheduled Surveys To Keep Track Of Your Respondents Better

Scheduled surveys allow you to release or re-release your surveys after a certain period of time. Most surveys of this type are scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis, which is helpful when it comes to tracking data from the respondents. Scheduled surveys allow you to track data based on different dates and time intervals, which means that you have a more organized list of respondents to work with.

This prevents you from having to go through a single long list of respondents for your survey. It also makes sure that you do not backtrack on the results that you have already seen and analyzed. If you are looking to segment your survey results in weekly and monthly increments, scheduled surveys are the best approach.


Scheduled Surveys Can Understand Your Audience Preferences Better

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Another benefit of using scheduled surveys is that you can make use of this format to provide a platform that allows you to understand your audience much better. Scheduled surveys can be used to create audience and customer feedback forms. These can change depending on the content, product, or service being promoted and distributed on the website.

This allows you to see what your audience or customers think about your content and products. You will also be able to see what they want and how you can improve what you already have. For the best effect, you can place your scheduled surveys at the end of the month. This will provide you with consistent feedback that can help you adjust and optimize accordingly.


Key Takeaway

Online survey tools are one of the best information-gathering tools in the digital world. They provide superior customizability and accessibility, which helps you acquire useful amounts of data. By using timed and scheduled surveys, you can take advantage of these qualities while ensuring great response rates and comprehensive results.

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