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How we Increased our User Response Rate by 2,600% in 16 days

“That’s weird.” I whispered to myself as I was checking my Qeryz analytics. “No one’s clicking my CTA when they answer ‘Yes’ when it should be more interesting for them because they themselves shifted to HTTPS.” It was an extremely strange phenomenon – until I tested another CTA message. Then things became crystal clear. The

How I used Qeryz to Increase Sign-ups by 176%

Qeryz doesn’t have to be just a survey. It can be a powerful source of traffic and it can be a compelling tool for conversion. We ran a Qeryz survey at SEO Hacker which asks a chain of simple questions.  First of which is “Do you have a Blog/Website?” An answer of Yes would lead

Setting up your Target URL on Qeryz

You might’ve missed it but it’s critically important that you’re able to set-up your Target URL. Here’s how: Step 1: Login your Qeryz account Step 2: Click on the Edit button of the survey you wish to use Step 3: Click on the Target Tab and input the URL where you want your Qeryz survey

How to Ship a SaaS Start-up in 4 Months

“Hey man I got an awesome business idea.” I was ecstatic talking to Mon. I’ve always wanted to start a SaaS company and I knew this idea had a pretty good chance to take off. “Yeah? What is it?” “It’s a very simple, easy to develop and useful tool to gather data from a person’s