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Utilizing Qeryz Survey Behavior

Qeryz survey is extremely flexible in terms of how it presents itself to your customers. Here’s how to take advantage of your survey behavior features: Timed Surveys One of the smartest options is timing your survey. Why is this important? Because it has a lot to do with your response rate. How? Here’s a case study

The Clueless Cheat Sheet for CRO

Don’t be intimidated by this seemingly complex term. It doesn’t bite. Matter of fact, it’s very easy and simple to learn. This article was written for people who are hearing about CRO for the first time. Maybe you’re a student doing a research paper or your boss told you to do a quick look-up or

Advanced Targeting

It’s finally out! Qeryz now enables you to choose the people to whom your survey will present itself. Why is this important? Because segmenting your customers based on where they came from will give you a better idea of what their implicit mindset is. And capitalizing on that implicit mindset is a very powerful qualifier

How we Increased our User Response Rate by 2,600% in 16 days

“That’s weird.” I whispered to myself as I was checking my Qeryz analytics. “No one’s clicking my CTA when they answer ‘Yes’ when it should be more interesting for them because they themselves shifted to HTTPS.” It was an extremely strange phenomenon – until I tested another CTA message. Then things became crystal clear. The