Questions You Should Ask Your Customers

The most common struggle that most people, who create surveys encounter, is formulating the questions. It can be tricky figuring out what kind of information you want to get from your customers; because even the use of the best website survey tools would mean nothing, if the intent of the survey is unclear.

Right from the beginning of formulating your questions you have to determine the true purpose of your survey. There are some that would focus on gathering initial information while there are others that seek to gain a better understanding of your customers. No matter the case, the questions that you should end up putting in the survey must be consistent in order to send a clear message.

If you still find it hard, you can start with general questions that focus on customer satisfaction. These questions will not only help you figure out how to make your customers happy, but also they can be a bridge that you can use to gain new information.

Here is a list of questions that you want to include in your survey to get a clear message across to your audience:

  1. How Did You Hear About Us?

This question is a great way to gauge the business’ popularity and reach. You get a better idea of what channels and forms of marketing are working for your business. Once you nail this down, you can use this information in planning your marketing strategy. This can help make sure that you are efficiently using your resources and investing them in the channels that are more effective.

  1. How Did Our Product/Service Help You?

With a question like this, you get a better insight on how your products/services perform. You also get an idea what your customer’s common problems are. You can use this question to let them know your other offerings that could also tackle those problems. You will ultimately know whether the products and services you are offering are satisfying your customers. By focusing on the information gathered here, you can also develop a marketing message that is clearer and can be used to deliver the said message to your specific target audience.

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  1. How can We Perform Better than Our Competitors?

This information will help you define your competitive advantage with regards to other businesses of the same nature. You can either develop these advantages or put in work in other aspects of your business. This will also help you define your outstanding trait as a business and use it as a cornerstone for future strategies.

  1. How Likely are You to Refer Our Products/Services?

This question will tell you two important things. The first is whether your customers were satisfied with your offerings or not. The second is whether they are willing to be brand ambassadors for your business through word of mouth. Their answer will specify how big of an impact you have made on them that they are compelled to share your business with their friends.

  1. What Made You Approach Our Business?

A question like this opens your eyes to how your business comes across in certain channels. You will discover the reputation of your business and see whether it is the message you want to be sending or not.

The identity of your business is important because it will be the first impression your customers will get to see. It will also determine whether you are attracting your designated target market.

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  1. Did we Exceed Expectations?

This helps you get an idea of the initial impression customers have with your business—whether your marketing strategies are putting your business’ brand on a pedestal or underselling customers on your offerings.

Remember, the way people perceive your business is important. However, the way you deliver on these assumptions is even more critical. The alignment of your marketing and products or services will definitely show in the answers to this question.

  1. Do You Have any Concerns Regarding Our Business?

This type of question is great in developing a rapport with your customers. It conveys the idea that you value their opinion and hold it on high regard. At the same time, you are the type of business that is open to criticisms and is invested in the idea of improving for the customers. You can also address the concerns directly and diffuse any issues that could turn into serious misunderstandings by comprehending properly the answers you receive to this query.


These are just some examples of a few questions that will give you a better handle on the situation. By using them, you can get a clearer picture of how you’re coming across to your audience. Furthermore, you can use the information stated as a means of altering and adjusting your business strategies. Ultimately, it will help you create new strategies to make your operations more efficient and effective. At the same time, you will be taking care of your current clientele as well as solidifying the fact that they are more than customers; they hold a stake in your business as well.

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